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Automation Tools We Use at The Pad Climbing

  • Project management – Asana + Flowsana, Monday, Trello – $600 (dependent on seats)
  • Integration – Zapier – $70
  • ChatGPT – $20 per seat
  • Talkroute – $40
  •, Cinch ~$700 (if you have a newer facility or less people in your database than us, it’s cheaper)
    • Texts
    • Drip Campaigns
    • Email campaigns
    • Physical mail
    • Social media ( only)
      • Integrates with RGP or Approach
      • MBO has its own automation but not as strong
      • Mailchimp can do some of this, but not all
      • Skipio is a plugin for text capacity if you want to stay out of it
  • Other tools used:
    • Google Workspace$400 (dependent on seats)
      • Google Drive
      • Google Meet
      • Google Calendar
      • Google Appointment Links
      • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
      • Google Sites
    • Canva

Remember: Someone has to be the tzar of all this, ideally taking the certification level classes and leading integration and implementation. Hire it out if you are not into this.