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The Go-Giver Leader

 By  Bob Burg and John David Mann

  • The less you say, the more influence you’ll have
  • Give away what’s precious and it will come back to you (I’d add if the person you give to is honorable)
  • Bad things happening can be reframed as a time to pivot
  • Leaders hold fast to the bigger vision – the key is the holding
    • Lead with your mind
    • Anyone can have vision, the hard part is holding
    • Building a business – building anything – is an act of faith
    • Keep seeing in your mind’s eye where it’s going, especially if nobody else does
    • Don’t forget where you came from
  • Don’t listen to the lyrics, listen to the music
  • Pronouns matter (mostly in context of “we” being inclusive.)
  • Empathy and making people feel heard is key
  • People acquire the virtue you impute to them (tell them they have and treat them that way)
  • Don’t push against criticism, accept it and perhaps invite it. Pushing gets you nowhere
  • Acknowledge and support, then offer criticism. 
  • Expecting the best of others doesn’t change them, it changes you, and that is what changes them.
  • Don’t insist on being right – give it up freely. 
  • Build people
    • Lead from the heart
    • Give people something good to live up to – something great – and they usually will
    • The more you yield the more power you’ll have
    • “Pull” is the substance of influence – will people come along?
    • Tact is the language of strength
    • Don’t react – respond
  • People reward you for your work when you’ve done the work and know what you’re talking about
  • Eat after those under you (aka, take care of your people first)
  • People who achieve great things that the world will never forget, start out by doing small things the world will never see
  • Do the work
    • Lead from your gut once you’ve done the work
    • Know your pegs and shims (aka the details)
    • Get mud on your boots (do the dirty work first)
    • Success = huge humility, learn from those under you, remember your muddy beginnings
    • Trust yourself
  • Stand for something
    • Lead with your soul
    • What you have to give, you offer least of all through what you say; in great part through what you do; and in greatest part through who you are
    • Competence matters. Character matters more.
    • Character is what happens when life scratches itself onto your soul (aka, pain)
    • You can only lead as far as you grow, and you grow only as far as you let yourself.
  • Pillars of the dojo
    • Mind
    • Connection
    • Flow
    • Honor
  • Ben’s manifesto
    • Vision
    • Empathy
    • Grounding
    • Soul
Lead —> Deal   –  As you lead, the deals will come.
  • Practice giving leadership
    • Don’t get it backwards – you’re not the deal
    • Great leadership is never about the leader
    • Great leadership is about holding people up
    • The best way to influence is to give it away
    • The more you give, the more you have