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Influence by Robert Cialdini

 Stereotyping means that people follow authority, especially if it isn’t super important to them.

The most hard or expensive before the easier or cheaper.

Gifts = more likelihood of getting something done, and if it matches the need, even more so. 

Ask for something big, then ask for something small and your more likely to get the latter. 

Accept offers for what they fundamentally are, not what they represent. Be ready to redefine offers as tricks..

Compliment behind someone’s back. Give genuine compliments you want the recipient to live up to. 

Be wary of people you like a little too much. Separate the requester from offer and make decisions based on offers. 

Social proof works when people are uncertain, Groups agree, or the information is similar. 

Lamenting a ton of people doing a thing weakens social proof because it shows tons of people ARE doing a thing. 

Symbols that affect authority : title, clothing, autos or status stuff. 

Don’t mistake being in authority with being an authority. The former doesn’t get respect. To help with this, accept minor shortcomings and then smash with competence. 

Scarcity engaged the human tendency to loss aversion. False sales work this way. We respond to loss of freedom by wanting the freedom more than ever. 

Messages are better received if they feel scarce or exclusive. 

Scarce only works when newly scarce and competition makes it more enticing. 

Always secure an small initial commitment. Commitment that is active, pu lic, effortful, and internally motivated work. 

Yes comes from brotherhood. 

Shortcut decision making will bet more and more prevalent