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Kami Orange – Boundary Lessons

  • Start by reframing who you are – I am a boundary supreme (or queen/king)!
  • Frame your identity: I am . . .  own and claim who you are. How would your life be different by these claims?
  • If you can avoid conflict without consequence, do that.
  • If you cannot, use your words.
  • If that doesn’t work, use your body and leave.
Who has the most power in the room?
  • If you don’t know, then it’s you. 
  • You get to set the boundaries
  • Do what you can to retain that power by holding those boundaries
I give you permission to set whatever boundaries you need. You can’t? Why can’t you?
What do you want?
  • Is something making you angry?
  • If you had power, what would you choose?
Ask for feelings:
  • Validate feelings
  • Set limits
How to set boundaries:
  • Disrupt: Oh!
  • Statement: I don’t tolerate that.
  • Transition: So, anyway, how’s the weather?
Finally: I get to do this awkwardly. 
Repetition + intensity = growth.