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Recommended Books

People are always asking me for book recommendations for learning skills. Here’s where those books go. Updated periodically. (I get a tiny kickback if you buy from the link.)

* = I have a blog summary, search for it


  • The Seven Principals of Making Marriage Work – using the Gottman method, you can learn to use this for working with peers, managers, and customers to get to what’s going on, de-escalate issues, and make people feel validated
  • The Wisdom of the Enneagram – there are lots of business-focused books out there about personality types, but none serves me as well as this book.
  • Portable MBA in Management* – get insights from the best business schools lickety split
  • The Making of a Manager – Required reading. Specifically dictates what’s expected of you, how to get there, and how to help your team.
  • The E-Myth Manager* – How to actually manage people
  • Fix This Next* – A system designed to get you to stop focusing on feelings and focus on actual priorities, and help others as well


  • 48 Laws of Power – I hate how bro and Machiavellian this is, but it also helps you harness the power of what real power looks like
  • Never Split the Difference* – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the skills here to get what I want.
  • Influence* – How do get people to do what you want, but also how to see through other schemes.
  • Spin Selling* – This is really good both for sales folks and just to get people to do what you want – proposals and the like
  • Crucial Conversations* – Tools for talking when the stakes are high
  • Get Scalable – I like how this book is like, “forget OKRs and 1year plans because those aren’t practical, here’s what you need to do right now. Takes a lot of what we’re already doing and makes it so much better.


  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad – I hate that I have to recommend this, but it’s still the best book out there on getting out of the old “no debt is freedom” mindset that holds people back


  • Personal MBA – After 20 years in business, I can assure that the author is correct, this is really all you need.
  • The Dip* – I refer to this book all the time because it’s so important to know that the biggest part of business success is endurance and faith.
  • Guerilla Marketing – I simply don’t believe that traditional advertising works and this book inspired me to make an award winning promotional video and keeps inspiring.
  • Buy Back Your Time* – This book freed me from doing everything, everywhere, all at once.
  • Your Next Five Moves – I was torn between this and Leadership, but I’ll put it here. Tons of good things in there for anyone looking to achieve something.


  • Contagious* – What makes a thing go and how to

Self Improvement

  • How to Change* – Need to break a habit or build one? This is your book.
  • Outlive* – If you don’t have your health, you have nothing