Blue field like crop rows and burgundy border, saying "Don't Just Survive - Thrive

The First Twenty Hours

By Josh Kaufman

If our life is good for one thing, it’s the ride. I want to go out being able to do everything I ever dreamed of. Will this book make that happen?

10 Principles of Skill Acquisition

  1. Choose a loveable project
  2. Focus energy on one skill at a time
  3. Define the target performance level
  4. Deconstruct the skill into subskills
  5. Obtain critical tools
  6. Eliminate barriers to practice
  7. Make dedicated time for practice
  8. Create fast feedback loops
  9. Practice by the clock in short bursts
  10. Emphasize quantity and speed

10 Principals for Effective Learning

  • Research the skill and related topics
  • Jump in over your head
  • Identify mental models and mental hooks
  • Imagine the opposite of what you want
  • Talk to practitioners to set expectation
  • Eliminate distractions in your environment
  • Use spaced repetition and reinforcement for memorization
  • Create scaffolds and checklists
  • Make and test predictions
  • Honor your biology