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  • Automation Tools We Use at The Pad Climbing

    Remember: Someone has to be the tzar of all this, ideally taking the certification level classes and leading integration and implementation. Hire it out if you are not into this.

  • Buy Back Your Time

    Buy Back Your Time

    By Dan Martell At this point, it’s good to ask yourself what you’d fill your time with if you weren’t doing the things that are low value to you. Build a DRIP matrix Doesn’t make you happy Makes you happy Makes you money ReplacementMakes you money, but drains your energyIdentify these and take your time…

  • Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter LilJedahl

    I was in advanced academics throughout my school career and I absolutely thrive with the traditional method of education (talk about a thing, then practice it) but having watched how dog training and handling has evolved since I learned it – and now homeschooling my kids, I realize that a lot of the trouble I’ve…

  • Inverting the Hierarchy: When Employers Feel Unsafe

    Inverting the Hierarchy: When Employers Feel Unsafe

    Imagine you’re at the helm of a ship, guiding it through stormy seas, but what if the storm is brewing inside the ship itself? This is the untold story of the captains of industry—employers like us—and the hidden battles we face for a safe harbor in our own companies. There are a million articles out…

  • Surviving Early Childhood if Modern Motherhood isn’t Your Calling

    Surviving Early Childhood if Modern Motherhood isn’t Your Calling

    I pride myself on doing things a little differently, on doing things that give me joy when it might embarrass someone else. So when I found out I was pregnant with twins, I was pretty excited because it was gonna be a little different. But I also . . . wasn’t excited about the basic…

  • The First Twenty Hours

    By Josh Kaufman If our life is good for one thing, it’s the ride. I want to go out being able to do everything I ever dreamed of. Will this book make that happen? 10 Principles of Skill Acquisition 10 Principals for Effective Learning

  • What it Takes

    By Stephen A Schwarzman Honestly, here’s a guy that basically knew he was hot stuff from the start and his parents set him up from the start. He seems to get what he wants and when it doesn’t work out, he learns his lesson instantly and never repeats his mistakes. Wish it were like that…

  • How to Change

    By Katy Milkman Getting started: Impulsivity: Procrastination Forgetfulness: Laziness: Confidence: Conformity:

  • No, AI won’t replace you – unless you’re terrible.

    No, AI won’t replace you – unless you’re terrible.

    My team thinks doing quizzes will help with training retention, and I thought, hey . . . what if AI could do it for us? Plug in the HR manual and see what it makes? Garbage. It makes garbage. What’s not allowed on company property? Pick ONE.A. FirearmsB. Girl Scout CookiesC. Illegal drugsD. Intolerance to…

  • Boundary Setting = Peace

    Boundary Setting = Peace

    The theme of the week personally and professionally has been “set those boundaries.” In the course of a day, I generally am met with people who are skilled at navigating emotions and feelings, because that’s who I choose to spend time with. But when I step outside my safety zone, I’m always honestly surprised at…

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