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  • Life Tips from the Lens of a 44 Year Old Lady

    I didn’t write this, but I also am a 44 year old lady currently and this is accurate and I want it findable by others. One of the comments on the IG thread was “nice privileged advice.” I want to address this – no, people do not have the money to always get the choices…

  • The First Minute: How to Start Conversations that Get Results

    By Chris Fenning Framing = Content + Intent + Key Message Content: Intent: Key Message: Keep topics separate. Lay out the three things you want to talk about and keep on track as you reach key message. Summaries: Work conversations are really one of three things: No problem is too complicated to be summarized in…

  • The Pricing Model Revolution

    By Danilo Zatta “If you’ve got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor, that’s a very good business. And if you have to have a prayer session before raising the price by 10 percent, then you’ve got a terrible business.” – Warren Buffett Pricing is the most effective way to change…

  • Switch

    How to Change Things When Change Is Hard By Chip Heath + Dan Heath People don’t see the need to change We’ve never done it that way We should do something but we’re bogged down in analysis The environment changed and we need to adapt People aren’t motivated I’ll do it tomorrow It’ll never work

  • Recommended Books

    Recommended Books

    People are always asking me for book recommendations for learning skills. Here’s where those books go. Updated periodically. (I get a tiny kickback if you buy from the link.) * = I have a blog summary, search for it Leadership Communication Money Business Sales Self Improvement

  • Small Business – but credit got you crying? Here’s the way to make banks say “yes.”

    Small Business – but credit got you crying? Here’s the way to make banks say “yes.”

    As part of my advocacy work, I get to hear a lot about what is challenging businesses daily. One of the most common complaints is that people are rejected from loans in order to build their business. So let’s talk about loans, how to get your credit up, and what to do if you can’t…

  • Automation Tools We Use at The Pad Climbing

    Remember: Someone has to be the tzar of all this, ideally taking the certification level classes and leading integration and implementation. Hire it out if you are not into this.

  • Buy Back Your Time

    Buy Back Your Time

    By Dan Martell – Buy It At this point, it’s good to ask yourself what you’d fill your time with if you weren’t doing the things that are low value to you. Build a DRIP matrix Doesn’t make you happy Makes you happy Makes you money ReplacementMakes you money, but drains your energyIdentify these and…

  • Building Thinking Classrooms by Peter LilJedahl

    I was in advanced academics throughout my school career and I absolutely thrive with the traditional method of education (talk about a thing, then practice it) but having watched how dog training and handling has evolved since I learned it – and now homeschooling my kids, I realize that a lot of the trouble I’ve…

  • Inverting the Hierarchy: When Employers Feel Unsafe

    Inverting the Hierarchy: When Employers Feel Unsafe

    Imagine you’re at the helm of a ship, guiding it through stormy seas, but what if the storm is brewing inside the ship itself? This is the untold story of the captains of industry—employers like us—and the hidden battles we face for a safe harbor in our own companies. There are a million articles out…

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