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The Irresistable Offer by Mark Joyner

 The Irresistable Offer is three things:

  • High ROI offer
  • Touchstone
  • Believeability
High ROI:
– A purchase is an investment. Make the investment worth it to the purchaser. Change their life or solve a problem that’s driving them crazy. 
– Statement that says, “Here’s what we’re selling, how much it will cost, what’s in it for you and why you should trust us.”
How do you gain trust:
– Social proof – people trust you
– Data proof
– Fact proof
Your customer will see this in a different order:
  • Touchstone
  • Believability
  • High ROI
Sell to a thirsty crowd. Once they’ve bought, THEN sell them a second glass
Offers only work if they are contrived and genuine – limited time and mean it.
Rule of freebies: never give away anything you wouldn’t otherwise be able to sell.
Money back guarantees:
– Most people won’t take you up on it
– Refunds outweigh the sales you make because of it
– Required by law to refund if customer isn’t satisfied within 30 days
Price increase for perceived value:
– Rules of 7s and 9s – $97 outsells $99. But $97 outsells $95.
– Cheaper costs = less value perceived
– Membership to gym + 24/7 access + extended rope access + lounge +++++ = $$$ value, but you get it for . . .
Judging your offer:
  • How obvious is it? Totally obscure to Totally obvious
  • How genuine is the need? Doesn’t need at all to It’s Life or Death
  • How common is a solution for the problem? Can get it anywhere or We’re the only place
  • Can you demonstrate a return on investment? Can’t at all or Quite easily
  • How emotional is your offer? Coma-inducing or Strong men weep
  • How timely is the offer? Doesnt need anytime soon or NEED NOW
  • How does it stack against competition? They’re great and we suck or We’re the only choice
  • How do you compare to the known competition on price? Tiffany prices or Bargain rack
Three words that are the key to success: RELENTLESS FOCUSED ACTION