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What Are You Hungry For?

 by Deepak Chopra, MD

Understand the mind-body connection:

  • Aware of your body: experience what your body is experiencing
  • Aware of your emotions: put attention on your heart, center, and observe
  • Aware of your choices: find a calm time and examine how you make decisions
Nourish every level of you:
  • Nourish with “light”
    • Lighthearted, light-handed, enlightened, aka, not heavy or deep
    • Meditate by imagining yourself filling and exuding light, feel light
    • Choose light foods, beverages, do light hearted thins, wear lighter colors
  • Get the message:
    • To change your body, change your story
    • Every story is about how to be happy
    • If you find a better way than eating, your body will balance
    • No mixed messages
  • Make a week theme:
    • Monday passive into active
    • Tuesday dull into vibrant
    • Wednesday routine into surprising
    • Thursday stale into fresh
    • Friday pessimistic into optimistic
    • Saturday work into recreation
    • Sunday ordinary into inspiring
  • Don’t eat stale leftovers
  • Use old oils
  • Buy highly processed foods
  • Buy boxed or canned foods
    Make it pure:
  • Is it fatty
  • Does it have hidden sugar or additives
  • How fresh is it?
  • Eat less when inactive
  • Stop eating when satisfied and go no further
  • Choose variety
    Ask, before eating:
  • Am I in a good mood?
  • Is this meal going to be a positive experience?
  • Is the food attractive and appealing?
  • Can i give it full attention?
  • Eat when balanced emotionally
  • Wide variety
  • Drink water, get enough sleep
  • Eat at regular hours
  • Vary intake on activity
Eat mindfully
  • Eat only when you feel hungry
  • Sit down when eating meal and minimize distractions
  • Start with half a plate, sit, see if you really are hungry
  • Linger over the taste
  • Know that appetite is stoked by fatty, salty, and sweet tastes. Bitter foods is suppressed. Try club soda with Angostura bitters
  • Remove skin and fat from animals
  • Eat as slow as possible, don’t fill fork or spoon until you’ve swallowed
  • Tell others how much you intend to eat and keep your word
  • Ask for half dessert in a take home box
  • I expect my body to project what I want
  • I want to be at my ideal weight
  • I want to feel light, energetic, and joyful
  • I want to be pain free
  • I want to feel good about how my body looks
  • I want to be rested and centered
  • I want to be in a state of well-being
The Best of All Habits: Self Awareness
  • Am I joyful or suffering
Happiness = 
  • Don’t settle for unhappiness as a given
  • Material security
  • Try to be happy in the present
  • Stay connected to people – 1 to 2 hours a day contacting those they love
  • No physical pain
  • Baseline for happiness as a set point
    Checklist for happiness:
  • Comfort, security, safety
  • A sense of belonging
  • Love and affection
  • Accomplishment, success, achievement
  • Self-esteem
  • Creative expression
  • Meaning and purpose    
    • Take this list and decide how you’re doing on a scale of 1-5, list out what that specifically looks like
Emotional freedom – letting go of things
  • Recall an emotion
  • Feel the emotion
  • Label the emotion
  • Express the emotion in writing with paper and a pen. Write down what happened, how you felt, what others did, how you reacted. Then retell from the others’ point of view. No do it as a newspaper article, be objective. 
  • Share the experience with someone else. 
  • Create a ritual, set it on fire or bury it. Draw a line between past and present
  • Celebrate this moment
Acquire awareness skills:
  • Be centered
  • Don’t multitask
  • Don’t let yourself be distracted
  • Don’t scatter your attention – manage mental time so you can be alone to think. 
  • Pay attention: note that you are. 
  • Meditate
  • Morning shake:
    • 5 almonds
    • 2 tsp honey
    • 1 oz protein powder
    • cinnamin
    • alternative milk
    • banana
    • aloe vera juice
  • Tofu scramble
    • 16 oz tofu firm
    • chopped leeks/onions
    • tamari
    • cumin
    • curry powder
    • coriander
    • dill
    • nutmeg
    • tomatoes
    • zucchini
    • spinache
    • cilantro