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What the Angel Taught You

by Rabbi Noah Weinberg

Secrets to Fulfillment

  1. Pleasure: don’t get caught by counterfeit, know what true pleasures are, and don’t be afraid of the effort it requires to seek them
  2. Prayer: anticipate the good, be shocked when things don’t go smoothly, listen to the message of the response (it may not be yes), focus on what you want (intention), put in the effort
  3. Educate yourself: know the differences of knowledge – absolute confidence, belief – some evidence but not complete info, faith – desire to believe something in the face of lack of evidence, socialization – accepting it because society tells you
  4. Happiness: Weigh pleasures and focus on what makes you happy, have gratitude, work on becoming a true connoisseur of appreciation and prioritize your list of happiness and gratitude and keep focusing on it and adjusting it.
  5. Exercise your free will: don’t be passive about your decisions and actions, don’t be controlled by someone else’s assumptions and values, be aware of your body and soul’s cravings and needs, and make your will God’s will.
  6. Be an intellectual:
    1. Play the “I-You-He” game – what qualities can be turned on their head? (Are you brave, reckless, or foolhardy?)
    2. Weak intellectuals get definitions and don’t rely on emotions
    3. Progress comes by using definitions attained and says what you mean
    4. Up that to using understanding to influence feelings; means what you say
    5. Move up and live what you mean on a day to basis and plan ahead
    6. Finally, use your mind to live with the constant reality of the force of God behind you
  7. Love: understand and focus on the virtues of others