Blue field like crop rows and burgundy border, saying "Don't Just Survive - Thrive


By Guy Kawasaki

In business and personal interactions, your goal is not merely to get what you want but bring about a voluntary, enduring, and delightful change in other people.

  • When people see how your magic works — manufacturing, brewing, cooking, designing — they develop an interest in what you do, and they are more likely to buy your products, support your idea, or join your cause. Factory tours and behind-the-scenes looks are all powerful enchantment tools.
  • Find ONE example
    • Use images, but only of one person or a few, not a group – people won’t identify with it.
    • Illustrate the numbers (a field full of crosses showing people dead in battle)
    • Tell personal stories
  • Invoke reciprocity
    • Give with joy
    • Give early
    • Give often and generously
    • Give unexpectedly
    • Ask for reciprocation after
  • Get people to commit to your cause and then invoke consistency. (Share actions on Facebook)
  • How to use push technology (Twitter, email, newsletters)
    • Engage fast
    • Engage many
    • Engage often – it’s a process, not an event
    • Use multiple media
    • Provide value: 1 – pointers to useful, inspiring, helpful content; 2 – personal insights, observations, or events; 3 – advice and assistance
    • Give credit
    • Give people the benefit of the doubt
    • Accept diversity
    • Don’t take any crap
    • Limit production
    • Disclose your conflicts
  • Making presentations
    • Customize the introduction
    • Sell your dream
    • Think screenplay, not speech: Act one – what is, Act two – what could be, Act 3 – how to make it so
    • Dramatize
    • Shorten
    • Practice
    • Warm up the audience
    • Speak a lot
  • How to use pull technology (Facebook, website, blog, LinkedIn, youtube)
    • Provide good content
    • Refresh it often
    • Skip fancy stuff
    • Make it fast
    • Sprinkle graphics and pictures
    • FAQ and about page
    • Introduce team
    • Optimize for various devices
    • Facebook
      • Make use of friends lists
      • Tag people to enchant
      • Help fans promote themselves
      • Give fans a burst of excitement with surprises like “Post your blog” and “Fan Page” Day
      • Offer special gifts for engagement
      • Crowdsource ideas and engage your fans
  • How to enchant employees
    • Provide a MAP – a plan for mastery, autonomy, and purpose
    • Always appreciate your employees. Tell them you want them.
  • How to enchant volunteers
    • Set ambitious goals
    • manage them well
    • enable them to fulfill their needs
    • ensure that the paid staff appreciates them
    • give feedback
    • provide recognition
    • invite them in
    • provide free stuff