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Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids by Bryan Caplan

Why Being a Great Parent is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think

  1. You count too: a common sense guide to happier parenting
    1. Over two thirds of people without kids over 40 regret not having kids
    2. 91 percent of parents over 40 say they’d do it again
    3. Only do stuff for your kids if it passes this test:
      1. Do I enjoy it?
      2. Does my child enjoy it?
      3. Are there any long-run benefits?
    4. Mandatory naps until kids can entertain themselves for an hour
    5. TV is not that bad, it’s okay if you use it
    6. Make use of parent-only getaways rather than family vacations (those are never fun)
    7. Clarity, consistency, consequences
    8. Outsource the worst hours of child care – get that part-time nanny
      1. Feel okay about spending $$ on take out, electronic babysitters, and cleaning services because your happiness is at stake
      2. Trade favors with your kids – if it falls on deaf ears, you’re doing too much for free
      3. (Side note: make them pay half for big things, it works great – KMac’s dad)
  2. The case against guilt: a parent’s guide to behavioral genetics
    1. Nature matters a LOT more than nurture
    2. Parents have zero effect on overall health (aside from genetic disease)
    3. Parents have a small effect on smoking, drinking, and drug problems (because these are genetic)
    4. Parents have zero effect on intelligence (genetic)
    5. Self esteem comes from within, not from parents
    6. Success = genetics, no effect on grades, amount of schooling, or how much money kids make
    7. Parents have no affect on conscientiousness or agreeableness, criminal behavior
    8. Parents have a big effect on religious and political labels, but not attitudes and behavior
    9. Parents have moderate effect on when daughters have sex, none on sons
    10. But you will be appreciated for your efforts
  3. Kids are safer than ever before so don’t be all over protective
  4. Family planning: how many kids do you want when you’re 60?