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SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham

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Thesis: Determine the customer’s need and make your product fit it.
Stuff to Remember:

  • Sales calls:
    • Open the call
      • Relate to buyer’s personal interest
      • Make initial benefit statement
    • Investigate needs – * most important*
      • Ask open questions
        • Situation questions
          • Do you make purchasing decisions?
          • What kind of business is this?
          • These establish rapport
        • Problem questions
          • Smaller sales are linked more than larger
        • Implication questions – how will this problem affect future?
        • Need-payoff questions – would it be useful to speed production by 10 percent?
    • Give benefits
      • Benefits are different from features.
    • Objection handling
      • Keep asking questions
      • If you have objections about value – your sale wasn’t strong enough in the benefit area
    • Closing techniques
      • No what kind of commitment you want to get
  • Four Golden Rules for Learning Skills
    • Practice only one behavior at a time
    • Try the new behavior at least three times
    • Quantity before quality
    • Practice in safe situations