Blue field like crop rows and burgundy border, saying "Don't Just Survive - Thrive

The Bunny Book, by Playboy

Thesis: Be awesome, sexy, and graceful for yourself.

Specific Things to Remember:

  • Smiling improves your mood.
  • Fashion
    • Boot cut jeans make you slimmer, low-rise make your butt smaller, good back pockets make your butt look smaller, close together back pockets make your butt look narrower, dark denim is slimming, low pockets make your butt look higher
    • Don’t wear boots with thick heels
    • Guys like it when you wear their clothes
    • Low riding panties are classier than g-strings.
    • Stockings with a garter make you feel sexy. Underwear over the garter belt.
  • Makeup
    • Natural light only
    • Eyelash curler, mascara, lip gloss = bare essentials
    • Don’t waste money on mascara – you have to throw it out every three months
    • Use makeup brushes
    • Less is more as you age
    • Don’t blend makeup with fingers or it will be uneven
  • Hair
    • Mason Pearson hairbrush
    • Pantene or Garnier Fructis shampoo
    • Bed Heads Moisture maniac for frizz
    • Smoothness = Nutritive Serum nutri-sculpt
  • Kegels -Mix it up with rapid-fire and squeeze and holds.
  • The strut: keep shoulders back, back straight, tuck tummy in, push tits out. Walk in a straight line, placing feet directly in front of each other. Sex it up with longer strides, slowing down, and emphasizing hip movement.
  • How to Enter a Room
    • Enter by yourself
    • Make eye contact to force people to notice you, and look at both sexes
    • If you come in alone and are waiting for someone, get a drink.
  • How to Sit
    • Sit straight up with shoulders back, sit close to the edge of the chair and cross your legs at the ankles.
    • At a bar stool? Keep one foot on the ground.
    • Keep purse in lap
  • Get out of a car – put your coat between your legs and swivel out, legs first.