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The Kaizen Way: By Robert Maurer, PhD

One Small Step Can Change Your Life

The Kaizen Method in a nutshell:

  • asking small questions to dispel fear and inspire creativity
  • thinking small thoughts to develop new skills and habits – without moving a muscle
  • taking small actions that guarantee success
  • solving small problems, even when faced with an overwhelming crisis
  • bestowing small rewards to yourself and others to produce the best results
  • recognizing the small but crucial moments that everyone else ignores
Large goal –> fear –> access to cortex restricted –> failure
Small goal –> fear bypassed –> cortex engaged –> success
Examples of Kaizen
Goal:                                        Action:
Stop overspending                   Remove one item from basket before checkout
Begin an exercise program      Stand on the treadmilll for a few minutes every morning
Manage stress                          Notice once a day where your body is holding tension and take a breath
Keep the house clean              Pick an area, clean for five minutes and stop.