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The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J Schwartz, PhD

Thesis: Act like you’re important and above the fray and you will, indeed,  be.

Specific Things to Remember:

  • How to lick health “excusitis”:
    • Refuse to talk about your health.
    • Refuse to worry about your health.
    • Be grateful that your health is as good as it is.
    • Remind yourself it’s better to wear out than rust out.
  • How to lick age “excusitis”:
    • Consider that your real working life is seventy years – you have time to change
    • Think positively about your age
  • Action cures fear
  • To think or be confident, act that way
    • Think only positive thoughts
    • Put people in perspective
    • Do what your conscience says is right
    • Sit in the front seat
    • Practice eye contact
    • Walk faster
    • Practice speaking up
    • Smile big
  • To think creatively
    • Believe it can be done
    • Don’t let tradition paralyze your mind
    • Ask daily, “How can I do better?”
    • Ask daily, “How can I do more?”
    • Practice asking and listening
  • Seem important to others
    • Look important
    • Think your work is important
    • Give yourself a pep talk
    • Ask, is this how an important person thinks?
  • Be more likable
    • Act likable, act the way you want people to perceive you
    • Be the initiator in building friendships.
    • Accept that humans are flawed
    • Find qualities to like in others so you stop disliking them
    • Be courteous, always
    • Don’t blame others for your setbacks: how you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win
  • Think like a leader
    • Trade minds with people you want to influence
    • Ask, “what is the human way to handle this?”
    • Think, believe, and push for progress
    • Solitude = growth
  • When little people drag you down:
    • You win when you refuse to fight with petty people.
    • Expect to be sniped at. It’s proof you’re doing good work.
    • Remind yourself that snipers are psychologically sick. Feel sorry for them.
  • When you feel like you can’t:
    • Look important
    • Concentrate on your assets
    • Put other people in proper perspective
  • When an argument feels inevitable:
    • Ask, “Honestly, is this important enough to argue about?”
    • Remind yourself that you never gain anything by arguing, but you always lose.
  • When you feel defeated:
    • Regard the setback as a lesson
    • Blend persistence with experimentation
  • When Romance Starts to Slip:
    • Concentrate on the biggest qualities in the person you want to love you
    • Do something special – and do it often

“A wise man will be master of his mind, a fool will be its slave.” – Publilius Syrus