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The Tom Peters Seminar, by Tom Peters

Thesis: If you get to comfortable managing your business, it will fall apart.

Stuff to remember:

  • “Business” the job
    • Cross train your employees in as many relevant skills needed to perform the job start-to-finish
    • Budgeting
    • Quality control – quality measurement and improvement
    • Autonomy – people should be able to work without restrictions to make a fantastic product
    • Access to expertise
    • A limitless travel budget (allow staff to get it done without red tape)
  • Give employees the power to make the customer happy as soon as possible. It will make them happy, too.
  • Let employees know everything the CEO does
  • Trust them
  • Allow for boss-talkback
  • “Resume” the job
    • Frequently ask yourself –
      • What do I do?
      • What have I actually done
      • Who among my customers will testify to it?
      • What evidence is there that my skills are state of the art?
      • Who new do I know, far beyond the company’s walls, who will help me deal with an ever-chillier world?
      • Will my year-end resume look different from last years’?
    • Ask employees what they want to learn from it.
    • Mind your contacts as much as possible.
  • Getting better at business
    • Mind your contacts as much as possible
    • Network, don’t hire, your employees and resources
    • Alliance creation and management is THE core competence
  • Knowledge is the sole basis of economic prosperity
  • How to keep your business edgy and prosperous:
    • Hire curious people
    • Hire some genuine off-the-wall sorts
    • Weed out the dullards, nurture the nuts
    • Go for youth
    • Insist that everyone take vacations
    • Support generous sabbaticals
    • Foster new interaction patterns
      • Let people express their personalities
      • Allow project teams to form at a moment’s notice
      • Encourage getting together and hanging out
      • Aggressively snub traditional functional groupings
    • Establish clubs, bring in outsiders, support offbeat educational programs
    • Measure curiosity
      • Consider asking employees to submit a one page essay on:
        • The oddest thing they’ve done this year off the job
        • Craziest idea tried at work
        • My most original job screw-up
        • Five stupidest rules they have around here
    • Seek out odd work
    • Look in the mirror – are you everything you want?
    • Teach curiosity
    • Make it fun
    • Change pace
  • Have cool workspaces
  • Glow, tingle, wow (and use those words)
  • Be weird!